Angie Stone, Pure Sessions (2004)

Le live de l'une des reines de la nu-soul, ANGIE STONE enregistré lors de son "Pure Sessions" à Amsterdam - Netherlands en 2004.

The live of one of the queens of the nu-soul, ANGIE STONE, recorded during her "Pure Sessions" in Amsterdam - Netherlands in 2004.


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01. Groove (introduction) We've Got The Funk
02. Bone 2 Pic (With U)
03. Green Grass Vapors
04. Everyday
05. Karma (feat. THC)
06. Stay For A While (feat. Boris)
07. Life Story
08. Lover's Ghetto

09. Easier Said Than Done
10. Makings Of You
11. Pissed Off
12. Touch It (interlude)
13. No More Rain
14. Wish I Didn't Miss You
15. I Wanna Thank Ya (feat. THC)
16. Brotha
17. That Kind Of Love