R.I.P.  August 20th 1942 / August 10th 2008

the Funky Soul story - Isaac Hayes 01


Isaac Hayes' childhood might be reminiscent of Andersen's tale The Little Match-Seller.


Born on August 20, 1942 in a Tennessee village sharecropper house, he has no memory of his parents, his father having abandoned him the day after his mother's death when he had only eighteen months. Raised with his sister by his grandparents, he learned to play piano, organ and saxophone at age 5. Then he discovers Memphis at the end of the decade before experiencing a disadvantaged adolescence when his grandfather disappears.


Between college and the odd job needed to survive, he gets married at nineteen because his girlfriend is expecting a child and makes his family live by working in an agri-food factory while performing as a pianist in clubs in Memphis. The city does not miss opportunities and he begins by recording his first 45-lap which goes completely unnoticed before attending a session of the saxophonist Floyd Newman, Mar-Keys, which opens the doors of Stax.


the Funky Soul story - Floyd Newman & Isaac Hayes


It's the beginning of a long musical story that will lead to success. Excellent keyboard player, Isaac Hayes regularly accompanies Otis Redding in the studio and is used to replacing Booker T. Jones on MG's recordings when the organist is absent due to university studies.



Under the name of Sir Isaac and the Do-Dads, he recorded a single, "Blue Groove" on the A side and "The Big Dipper" on the B side.


Blue Groove


The Big Dipper


At Stax, he reconnects with a teenage friend, David Porter, who offers him an association: Porter will write texts that Hayes will set to music.


the Funky Soul story - Isaac Hayes & David Porter


This formula is a good idea, especially the day Sam & Dave, rushed to Memphis by Atlantic Records, arrive at Stax Studios.


From 1966 onwards, it's about the success of an incredible series of bestsellers: "You don't Know Like I Know", "Hold On! I'm A Comin'", "When Something Is Wrong With My Baby", "Soul Man", and others singles for Rufus Thomas ("Willy Nilly"), Johnnie Taylor ("I Had A Dream"), Carla Thomas ("Let Me be Good To You", "B-A-B-Y"), Mable John ("Your Good Thing (Is About To End)")...


the Funky Soul story - Isaac Hayes with Sam & Dave


When Jerry Wexler from Atlantic repatriated Sam & Dave to New York in 1968, David Porter and Isaac Hayes continued their activities with the Soul Children, the Emotions, but Isaac had a desire to make a career as a singer.


The album Presenting Isaac Hayes, recorded in rush on a festive night, is a commercial failure that leaves the bitter taste to the main interested man. No way for him to start again, unless he has the necessary means.


The changes in Stax following the split with Atlantic gave him the opportunity to reoffend in 1969 when the company's new manager, Al Bell, suggested he record a second album.


the Funky Soul story - Al Bell


Requiring the most complete artistic freedom, Isaac Hayes has the luxury of turning his back on the commercial habits of the time when he starts work on the album Hot Buttered Soul. Gathering around him some musical accomplices, the guitarist Michael Toles, the bassist James Alexander and the drummer Willie Hall, all members of the Bar-Kays, he moved to the Ardent studio of Memphis, a symbolic decision of his intention to break with Stax music.


the Funky Soul story - Les studios Ardent (Memphis)


The genius of Isaac Hayes is to sense a change in the wind at the perfect moment. With the emergence of radios of a new type that accompany the rise of the FM band, the principle of the concept album, an LP telling a story in several chapters and no longer a simple compilation of disparate songs, is all the rage in the world of Rock. Inspired by this example, Hot Buttered Soul has only four tracks that range in length from five to more than eighteen minutes, as he later explains: "What I had to say musically could not take in a format of two and a half minutes. So I decided to take my time to express myself fully”.


The originality of this approach is evident on "By The Time I Get To Phoenix", a country ballad by Jim Webb, popularized two years earlier by Glen Campbell and already imported into the world of soul by the Mad Lads and William Bell.


Isaac Hayes - By The Time I Get To Phoenix


The Mad Lads - By The Time I Get To Phoenix


William Bell - By The Time I Get To Phoenix


Glen Campbell - By The Time I Get To Phoenix


Compared to his predecessors' versions, that of Isaac Hayes is distinguished by its hypnotic organ and its long introductory rap. Just as he had heard in the churches of his childhood by preachers committed to explaining the scriptures to their faithful, Isaac makes this archetype of the Southern White Ballad a moment of soul, easily accessible to the black public.

The same goes for Burt Bacharach and Hal David's "Walk On By" which becomes a real soul conserto radically opposed to Dionne Warwick's version five years ago, the rich violin scene created by Isaac Hayes cutting with the sizzling guitar of Harold Beane.


Dionne Warwick - Walk On By


Isaac Hayes - Walk On By


The Hot Buttered Soul album takes a completely opposite path to the previous one by becoming the best-selling Stax collection in the history of the brand by finding more than a million buyers in the year 1969. Ranked in the Top10 best sellers of albums in the US, leading the rankings Soul for a record ten weeks, it makes Isaac Hayes a huge star who goes on tour equipped with a vast wardrobe of extravagant outfits (cape, wrists of fur and tunic in chain links ...), accompanied on stage by three choristers named Miss Hot, Miss Buttered and Miss Soul.


He obtains confirmation that his success is not a flash of fire but the fruit of an artistic revolution when his next collections meet a similar reception, starting with The Isaac Hayes Movement, with his reading of "I Stand Accused" Jerry Butler, from the spring of 1970.


Isaac Hayes - I Stand Accused


Jerry Butler - I Stand Accused


The sales of the highly orchestrated To be Continued, published in November 1970, are equally significant, which does not prevent him from doing even better a few months later with his double LP Shaft.


Asked to take on the role of a black cop in the movie of the same name before the actor Richard Roundtree was finally preferred, Isaac Hayes consoles himself by putting all his energy into the writing and the realization of the music of this Feature film, launching the phenomenon of movie soundtracks made by black directors, set to music by black artists: blaxploitation movies.

Curtis Mayfieild, Willy Hutch and James Brown will follow Isaac Hayes in writing scores for Superfly, Claudine ou The Mack.


Isaac Hayes - Theme From Shaft


the Funky Soul story - affiche film Shaft (1971)


Thanks to the title Theme From Shaft, Isaac Hayes realizes the feat of seeing his name register at the top of the Hot 100, an honor that will never be granted on the black charts.


Far from being insignificant, his record under the banner Enterprise (a sub-brand of Stax) is enriched until 1974 thanks to the albums Black Moses ("Never Can say Goodbye", N°5 Soul), Live At The Sahara Tahoe and Joy, not to mention separate projects like the duet "Ain't That Loving You (For More Reasons Than One)" recorded with his sidekick David Porter in 1972, the theme of the TV series 'The Men' the same year or again those of the movies Three Tough Guys and Tuck Turner where Isaac is the star.


Isaac Hayes - Never Can say Goodbye


Isaac Hayes & David Porter - Ain't That Loving You (For More Reasons Than One)


In 1975, the one who symbolized the artistic success of Stax at the Wattstax concert three years earlier, breaks any relationship with his record company. A major backlog of royalties and the imminent bankruptcy of the company explain this sudden turn that pushes Isaac Hayes to create his own brand HBS (for Hot Buttered Soul) with the support of ABC Records for distribution.


the Funky Soul story - logo du label HBS (Hot Buttered Soul)


In a matter of months, in addition to his work of producer with the new recruits of his label, he records not less than four albums under his name; while the first Chocolate Chip as its flagship title sells honorably, the following three: Disco Connection, Grooves A-Thon and Juicy Fruit (Disco Freak), play a bit too opportunistic Disco card to be credible.


Isaac Hayes - Chocolate Chip


In the eyes of his community, Isaac Hayes is still a hero, not only because of the advances he has made in the musical field, but also because he shows that you can reach the top starting from scratch.

This Glory, however, has its setback: carried away by his momentum, he multiplies risky financial adventures, finds himself with his company HBS at the head of a company of nearly a hundred employees, many of them are friends in need he seeks to Troubleshoot, and finally ends up being bankrupt with six million dollars in debt the day after the release of a last LP HBS recorded with Dionne Warwick's A Man And A Woman.


A man of resources, Isaac Hayes knows that he must now rely on his talent to resurface. More measured in his ambitions and anxious to improve his image as a creator, he joined Polydor and recorded New Horizon and the flagship title "Out Of The Ghetto" in 1977, For The Shake Of Love and his "Zeke the Freak" year Next, in 1979, he signed a platinum album titled Don't Let Go whose title track, a resumption of Roy Hamilton's success, returned to the top of the black charts for the first time since Chocolate Chip in 1975.


Isaac Hayes - Out Of The Ghetto


Isaac Hayes - Zeke the Freak


Isaac Hayes - Don't Let Go


Roy Hamilton - Don't Let Go


While it is clear that a commercial success similar to Shaft's is a thing of the past, he is still pursuing some interesting adventures in the studio, of which the album Royal Rappin's with Millie Jackson in 1980 is the best example.


the Funky Soul story - Isaac Hayes & Millie Jackson


He also produced the album Here's My Love for artist Linda Clifford the same year. Isaac Hayes released a pair of solo albums, in 1980 with And Once Again and in 1981 with Lifetime Thing.


Focusing a career as an actor following the success of John Carpenter's movie Escape From New York, Isaac Hayes finally returns briefly to the charts under the colors of Columbia with the album U-Turn and his single "Ike's Rap", a long monologue denouncing the misdeeds of crack, taking the path of the Top 10 at the end of 1986.


Isaac Hayes - Ike's Rap


It is with "Dark And Lonely (You Over Ther)", that he shares with Barry White another singer of charm in the low voice, that Isaac Hayes gets his last hit in 1992.


Barry White feat. Isaac Hayes - Dark and Lonely (You Over Ther)


With the exception of the Branded collection and the instrumental Raw and Refined in 1995, Isaac Hayes has since remained out of the charts, still enjoying his status as a living soul legend for touring around the world at the head of his orchestra The Movement.


In 1997, he agreed to double the voice of Chef, in the animated television series 'South Park'.


In 2000, 29 years after the release of 'Shaft', IIsaac Hayes reworked on a new version of the original with the release of a new episode of Shaft. This movie revolves around the detective, played by Samuel L. Jackson who takes over the role formerly held by Richard Roundtree.


That same year, he responded to the invitation of Marseille rapper Akhenaton to record a track for the movie's soundtrack 'Comme Un Aimant'.


Isaac Hayes - Is It Really Home


the Funky Soul story - affiche du film Comme Un Aimant


In 2001, he supported Alicia Keys as a musician and arranger on his first album Songs in A Minor.


In 2005, he played the role of a jaffa guest on the Stargate SG-1 television series.


The great Isaac Hayes dies on August 10, 2008 at the age of 65 at his home in Memphis, following heart problems.




the Funky Soul story - Isaac Hayes in number


source : Encyclopédie du Rhythm & Blues et de la Soul (édition Fayard, 2002)




1967 / Presenting Isaac Hayes

the Funky Soul story - Isaac Hayes - 1967 / Presenting Isaac Hayes

A1. Precious, Precious

A2. When I Fall In Love

A3. I Just Want To Make Love To You


B1. Going To Chicago Blues

B2. You Don't Know Like I Know


1969 / Hot Buttered Soul

the Funky Soul story - Isaac Hayes - 1969 / Hot Buttered Soul

A1. Walk On By

A2. Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic


B1. One Woman

B2. By The Time I Get To Phoenix


1970 / The Isaac Hayes Movement

Isaac Hayes - 1970 / The Isaac Hayes Movement

A1. I Stand Accused

A2. One Big Unhappy Family


B1. I Just Don't Want To Do With Myself

B2. Something


1970 / To be Continued

Isaac Hayes - 1970 / To be Continued

A1. Monologue Ike's Rap I

A2. Our Day Will Come

A3. The Look Of Love


B1. You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'

B2. Running Out Of Fools


1971 / Shaft (B.O.)

Isaac Hayes - 1971 / Shaft (B.O.)

A1. Theme From Shaft (vocal)

A2. Bumpy's Lament

A3. Walk From Regio's

A4. Ellie's Love Theme

A5. Shaft's Cab Ride


B1. Cafe Regio's

B2. Early Sunday Morning

B3. Be Yourself

B4. A Friend's Place


C1. Soulsville (vocal)

C2. No Name Bar

C3. Bumpy's Blues

C4. Shaft Strikes Again


D1. Do Your Thing (vocal)

D2. The End Theme


1971 / Black Moses

Isaac Hayes - 1971 / Black Moses

A1. Never Can Say Goodbye

A2. (They Long To Be) Close To You

A3. Nothing Takes The Place Of You

A4. Man's Temptation


B1. Never Gonna Give You Up

B2. Medley : Ike's Rap II / Help Me Love

B3. Need To Belong To Someone

B4. Good Love


C1. Medley : Ike's Rap III / Your Love Is So Doggone Good

C2. For The Good Times

C3. I'll Never Fall In Love Again


D1. Part-Time-Love

D2. Medley : Ike's Rap IV / A Brand New Me

D3. Going In Circles


1973 / Joy

Isaac Hayes - 1973 / Joy

A1. Joy

A2. I Love You That's All


B1. A Man Will Be A Man

B2. The Feeling Keeps On Coming

B3. I'm Gonna Make It (Without You)


1973 / Live At The Sahara Tahoe

Isaac Hayes - 1973 / Live At The Sahara Tahoe

A1. Theme From "Shaft"

A2. The Come On / Light My Fire

A3. Ike's Rap V / Never Can Say Goodbye

A4. Windows Of The World


B1. The Look Of Love

B2. Ellie's Love Theme

B3. Use Me

B4. Do Your Thing

B5. Theme From "The Men"


C1. It's Too Late

C2. Rock Me Baby

C3. Stormy Monday Blues

C4. Type Thang

C5. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face


D1. Ike's Rap VI / Ain't No Sunshine

D2. Feelin' Alright


1974 / Tough Guys (B.O.)

Isaac Hayes - 1974 / Tough Guys

A1. Title Theme

A2. Randolph & Dearborn

A3. The Red Rooster

A4. Joe Bell


B1. Hung Up On My Baby

B2. Kidnapped

B3. Run Fay Run

B4. Buns O' Plenty

B5. The End Theme


1974 / Truck Turner (B.O.)

Isaac Hayes - 1974 / Truck Turner (B.O.)

A1. Main Title "Truck Turner"

A2. House Of Beauty

A3. Blues Crib

A4. Driving In The Sun


B1. Breakthough

B2. Now We're

B3. The Duke

B4. Dorinda's Party


C1. Pursuit Of The Pimpmobile

C2. We Need Each Other Girls

C3. A House Full Of Girls

C4. Hospital Shootout


D1. You're In My Arms Again

D2. Give It To Me

D3. Drinking

D4. The Insurance Compagny

D5. End Theme


1975 / Use Me

Isaac Hayes - 1975 / Use Me

A1. Use Me

A2. I'm Gonna Have To Tell Her

A3. The Ten Commandments Of Love


B1. Good Love 6-9969

B2. Feel Like Making Love


1975 / Chocolate Chip

Isaac Hayes - 1975 / Chocolate Chip

A1. That Loving Feeling

A2. Body Language

A3. Chocolate Chip


B1. Chocolate Chip (instrumental)

B2. I want To Make Love To You So Bad

B3. Come Live With Me

B4. I Can't Turn Around


1976 / Juicy Fruit (Disco Freak)

Isaac Hayes - 1976 / Juicy Fruit (Disco Freak)

A1. Juicy Fruit (Disco Freak)

A2. Let's Don't Ever Blow Our Thing

A3. The Storm Is Over


B1. Music To Make Love By

B2. Thank You Love

B3. Lady Of The Night

B4. Love Me Or Loose Me


1976 / Disco Connection

Isaac Hayes - 1976 / Disco Connection

A1. The First Day Of Forever

A2. St. Thomas Square

A3. Vykkii

A4. Disco Connection


B1. Disco Shuffle

B2. Choppers

B3. After Five

B4. Aruba


1976 / Groove-A-Thron

Isaac Hayes - 1976 / Groove-A-Thron

A1. Groove-A-Tron

A2. Your Loving Is Much Too Strong

A3. Rock Me Easy Baby


B1. We've Got a Whole Lot Of Love

B2. Wish You Were Here (You Ought To Be Here)

B3. Make A Little Love To Me


1977 / New Horizon

Isaac Hayes - 1977 / New Horizon

A1. Stranger In Paradise

A2. Moonlight Lovin' (Ménage A Trois)


B1. Don't Take Your Love Away

B2. Out Of The Ghetto

B3. Its Heaven To Me


1977 / A Man And A Woman (with Dionne Warmick)

Isaac Hayes - 1977 / A Man And A Woman (with Dionne Warmick)

A1. Unity

A2. I Jus't Don't Know What To Do With Myself

A3. My Love


B1. Medley

      * The Way I Want To Touch You

      * Have You Never Been Mellow

      * Love Will Keep Us Together

      * I Love Music

      * This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)

      * That's The Way I Like It

      * Get Down Tonight

B2. Medley

      * By The Time I Get To Phoenix

      * I Say A Little Prayer


C1. Then Came You

C2. Medley

      * Feelings

      * My Eyes Adored You

C3. Body Language


D1. Can't Hide Love

D2. Come Live With Me

D3. Once You Hit The Road

D4. Chocolate Chip


1978 / Hotbed

Isaac Hayes - 1978 / Hotbed

A1. Use Me

A2. I'm Gonna Have To Tell Her

A3. The Ten Commandments Of Love


B1. Feel Like Making Love

B2. Hobasac And Me


1978 / For The Sake Of Love

Isaac hayes - 1978 / For The Sake Of Love

A1. Just The Way You Are

A2. Believe In Me

A3. If We Ever Needed Peace


B1. Shaft II

B2. Zeke The Freak

B3. Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight


1979 / Don't Let Go

Isaac Hayes - 1979 / Don't Let Go

A1. Don't Let Go

A2. What Does It Take

A3. A Few More Kiss To Go


B1. Fever

B2. Someone Who Will Take The Place Of You


1979 / Royal Rappin's (with Millie Jackson)

Isaac Hayes - 1979 / Royal Rappin's (with Millie Jackson)

A1. Sweet Music, Soft Lights, And You

A2. Feels Like The First Time

A3. You Never Cross My Mind

A4. Loves Change

A5. I Changed My Mind


B1. Do You Wanna Make Love

B2. If I Had My Way

B3. If I Had Your Way

B4. You Needed Me


1980 / And Once Again

Isaac Hayes - 1980 / And Once Again

A1. It's All In The Game

A2. Ike's Rap VII / This I'll Be Sweeter


B1. I Ain't Never

B2. Wherever You Are

B3. Love Has Been Good To Us


1981 / Lifetime Thing

Isaac Hayes - 1981 / Lifetime Thing

A1. I'm Gonna Make You Love

A2. Three Times A Lady

A3. Fugitive


B1. Lifetime Thing

B2. Summer

B3. I'm So Proud


1986 / U-Turn

Isaac Hayes - 1986 / U-Turn

A1. If You Want My Love, Do Me Right

A2. Flash Backs

A3. You Turn Me On

A4. Ike's Rap VIII

A5. Hey Girl


B1. Doesn't Rain In Love

B2. Can't Take My Eyes Off You

B3. Thing For You

B4. Thank God For Love


1988 / Love Attack

Isaac Hayes - 1988 / Love Attack

A1. Love Attack

A2. Let Me Be Your Everything

A3. Showdown

A4. Eye Of The Storm


B1. Accused Rap

B2. I Stand Accused '88

B3. She's Got The Way

B4. Foreplay Rap

B5. Love Won't Let Me Wait


1994 / Wonderfull

Isaac Hayes - 1994 / Wonderfull

A1. Ain't No Sunshine

A2. Rolling Down A Mountainside

A3. I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You)

A4. Wonderfull


B1. Someone Made You For Me

B2. Ain't That Loving You (For More Reasons That One)

B3. Baby I'm A Want You

B4. The Mistletoe And Me

B5. Winter Snow


1995 / Branded

Isaac Hayes - 1995 / Branded

A1. Ike's Plea

A2. Life's Mood

A3. Fragile

A4. Life's Mood II

A5. Summer In The City

A6. Let Me Love You

A7. I'll Do Anything (To Turn You On)


B1. Thanks To The Full

B2. Branded

B3. Soulsville

B4. Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic (feat. Chuck D.)


1995 / Raw and Refined

Isaac Hayes - 1995 / Raw And Refined

A1. Birth Of Shaft

A2. Urban Nights

A3. Funkalicious

A4. Tahoe Spring


B1. The Night Before

B2. Memphis Trax

B3. Soul Fiddle


C1. Funky Junky

C2. You Make Me Live

C3. Making Love At The Ocean


D1. Southern Breeze

D2. Didn't Know Love Was So Good

D3. The 405


2003 / Instrumentals

Isaac Hayes - 2003 / Instrumental

01. Hung Up On My Baby

02. Ike's Mood Pt.1

03. No Name Bar

04. Let's Stay Together

05. Cafe Regio's

06. Blue's Crib

07. Now We're One

08. Dorinda's Party

09. Type Thang

10. Pursuit Of The Pimpmobile

11. Driving In The Sun

12. Ellie's Love Theme

13. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face


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