Jeff Zima


Traditional Trash-Blues, Speed Boogie, Stomps, Jump, Old-time New Orleans Jazz and Ragtime, Yazoo Mambo and Delta Mud comprise the standard repertory of one of the most astonishing blues guitarists living in Europe today.


Jeff cut his teeth on the streets of New Orleans as a sideman for the blues master Augie Rodolla, playing alternately lead and rhythm guitar in Augie’s legendary street band «the Big Mess Blues Band». For years he travelled between New Orleans and Chicago, playing on the streets of numerous small towns and as a guest at several festivals, such as the Helena Blues Fest, Memphis in May or the Taste of Chicago, to name just a few.


He landed in France in 1990 with the band «Pigmeat», and since then has participated in a number of quality groups: the GLORY HOGS, the BIG MESS BLUES BAND, PIG MAMA, and SPITBALL JONES and the BACKWASH BLUES BAND. In 2002, twelve years and well over 1400 concerts later, Jeff decided to play under his own name, accompanied either by double bass and drums or simply by his steel slide and cast iron foot.


With a commanding stage presence and more than 300 songs of all styles, from New Orleans to Chicago, from the 20’s to the 50’s, from Bessie Smith and Muddy Waters to Louis Jordan, Howlin’ Wolf, Leadbelly, Elmore James and Ma Rainey (as well as his own compositions), JEFF ZIMA has something to satisfy the most raving blues and jazz freaks, be they bikers or grandmas, as well as the uninitiated, the benighted or just plain folks looking for a good time.





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01 Step it up & go

02 Takin' my time

03 I'm gonna sit right down and write...

04 Gimme back my wig

05 Is you is or is you ain't my baby

06 The pork chop stomp

07 Ice cream man

08 Custard pie

09 Stramline woman

10 Black eye blues

11 The bullfrog jump

12 Sleepy Valentine


Jeff Zima - PIG MAMA

01 My eyes (keep me in trouble)

02 Big road Blues

03 Don't say that no more

04 Cakewalk into town

05 Move on down the line

06 You can't judge a book by looking...

07 Come on in my kitchen

08 Sunny side of the street

09 Three hundred pounds of joy

10 Mess around

11 Steppin' out

12 Crazy about you



01 Diggin' my potatoes

02 What's the matter now?

03 (Sounds like) Country Blues

04 Downtown Bounce

05 Lazybones Blues

06 Dirty rat

07 Eavesdropper's Blues

08 Where did you hide my gin ?

09 I Love my whiskey

10 I'm gonna move

11 You Rascal you

12 Sugar in my Tea

13 Shake yer Boogie

14 Laughin' Blues

15 Sloppy drunk

16 I got my red beans cookin'

17 The sugar Blues

18 Shake it Down

19 Salty Dog

20 (Can't Lose) Z's Blues


Jeff Zima - SHORT, FAT & UGLY

01 Built for comfort

02 Cedar St. Stomp

03 Decatur St Breakdown

04 My Sweety went away

05 Be at that thing

06 Meet me in the morning

07 Bullfrog crawl

08 $ 100 Hat

09 Stole rag

10 Crazy 'bout you

11 Durf's Turf

12 Royal and st. Pete

13 Make a little love

14 Early in the morning

15 Big Fat mama

16 Is you is

17 Better by and by

18 I'm going up the country

19 Archtop hop

20 Freckles

21 Short,fat & ugly

22 Sentimental journey



01 Taking my time

02 Hold to your money

03 Diddy wah Diddy

04 Pigmeat papa

05 Keep your hands off her

06 Cedar St. Stomp

07 Everyday I have the Blues

08 Deactur St. Breakdown

09 Shake yer boogie

10 Better by and by

11 Black Drawers

12 Sloppy drunk

13 Mambo Chutney

14 My eyes

15 Sentimental Journey

16 What a life

17 Why don't you come...

18 Short, fat & ugly


Jeff Zima - WHAT A LIFE

01 What a Life!

02 Gimme Back My Keys

03 Good Custard Pie

04 My Kinda Woman

05 Go and Be Happy to See Me Some Place Else

06 Smooth and Salty

07 Steam Locomotive Blues

08 Drunk Again

09 Stone Hill Rag

10 Gimme a Pigfoot and a Bottle of Beer

11 Can't Call Her Sugar

12 Early in the Morning

13 Hill Stomp

14 Knock Me a Kiss

15 Down the Road I Go

16 I Got My Red Beans Cookin'

17 No 1 in the World Can Bake...

18 Black Forest Stomp

19 Kitchen Sink Rag

20 Flip, Flop and Fly

21 Blues for Augie



01 Talk to Me Baby

02 8th Ave. Swing

03 I'd Rather Drink Muddy Water

04 When the Saints Go Marching In

05 300 lbs. of Joy

06 Guitar King

07 The Hangover Song (tra lala la bwarg)

08 R18

09 Mess Around

10 Walkin' My Blues Away

11 Mambo Deluxe

12 Drinkin' Blues

13 Kidney Stew

14 Diamond Time

15 (Aint That) Just Like A Woman

16 Sippin' Whiskey


The Black Sunday Live #07 // Live à Gaillac (2002)

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